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Civil Engineering Ebook's

    01.   Analysis of Pin jointed frames. pdf        Size:1 MB      Review        Download
    02.   Axial-deformations-IIT. pdf           Size:2 MB         Review        Download
    03.   BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING EBOOK'S.pdf         Size:3 MB      Review        Download 
    04.   Basic concepts of strucural analysis. pdf          Size: 5 MB      Review        Download 
    05.   Basics of concrete.pdf , Size: 1 MB      Review        Download 
    06.   Building material and construction.pdf , Size: 3 MB      Review        Download
    07.   Building Materials, by S.K.Duggal.pdf , Size: 8 MB      Review        Download 
    08.   Concrete tech (MS Shetty) .pdf, Size: 19 MB      Review        Download
    09.   Course Strength of materials.pdf , Size: 6 MB      Review        Download 
    10.   Design of Steel Structures.pdf , Size: 1 MB      Review        Download 
    11.   Elements of Surveying.pdf,  Size: 23 MB      Review        Download 
    12.   Engineering Mechancis Notes.pdf, Size: 2 MB      Review        Download

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    13.   Fluid Mechanics DeMYSTiFied.pdf , Size: 4 MB      Review        Download

    14.   GeoTechnical Engineering V.N.S.Murthy(NNN).pdf    Size: 58 MB      Review        Download

    15.   Gere-Examples in MOS.pdf , Size: 10 MB      Review        Download

    16.   Hydrology and Groundwater Notes.pdf , Size: 913 KB

    17.   Irrigation_and_Water_Resources_Engineering.pdf , Size: 5 MB

    18.   McKenzie_Examples in Structural Analysis.pdf , Size: 27 MB

    19.   Mechanics of materials-Gere.pdf , Size: 18 MB

    20.   MOS Bhaivikatti.pdf , Size: 3MB

    21.   NPTEL-Fluid Mechanics.pdf , Size: 7 MB

    22.   PERTCPM Punmia.pdf , Size: 17 MB

    23.   Pre-Stressed-Concrete-.pdf , Size: 11 MB

    24.  Prestressed concrete design.pdf , Size: 5 MB

    25.   Prestressed-Concrete-KRISHNA RAJU.pdf , Size: 31 MB

    26.   Problem-Solving-in-Soil-Mechanics.pdf , Size: 39 MB

    27.   Problems in surveying.pdf , Size: 3 MB

    28.   Problems-in-Soil-Mechanics-and-Foundation-Engineering.pdf , Size: 22 MB

    29.   Railway-Engineering-Satish-Chandra-M-M-Agarwal.pdf , Size: 4 MB

    30.   RCC pillai and menon.pdf , Size: 40 MB

    31.   Reliability-Engineering.pdf , Size: 3 MB


    33.   Schaum-s-Outline-of-Fluid-Mechanics-Schaum-s-Outline-Series-by-Merle-Potter-and-DavidWiggert.pdf , Size: 4 MB

    34.   Schaum-s-Strength-of-Materials-481.pdf, Size: 31 MB

    35.   Schaums-Engineering-Mechanics.pdf , Size: 53 MB

    36.   Soil Mechanics Notes.pdf , Size: 2 MB


    38.   Steel-Structures-Full.pdf , Size: 8 MB

    39.   Structural analysis (2).pdf , Size: 3 MB

    40.   Structural Analysis.pdf , Size: 12 MB

    41.   Surveying-Problem-Solving-2.pdf , Size: 3 MB

    42.   Theoretical-Foundation-Engineering.pdf , Size: 9 MB

    43.   Theory-of-Structures-2nd-Edition-Timoshenko.pdf , Size: 40 MB

    44.   Transport-Engineering.pdf , Size: 2 MB

    45.   Waste water Engineering.pdf , Size: 961 KB

    46.WaterSupplyEngg.pdf , Size: 763 KB

    Friday, March 25, 2016

    Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals

    pdf ebook
    ·  Title Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals: Examining Computer Hardware from the Bottom to the Top
    ·  Author(s) David L. Tarnoff
    ·  Publisher:; First Edition with Revisions (January 20, 2011)
    ·  Hardcover/Paperback 434 pages
    ·  eBook Online, PDF, 432 pages, 2.1 MB
    ·  Language: English
    ·  ISBN-10/ASIN: 1411636902
    ·  ISBN-13: 978-1411636903

    About the Books :

    Pc Business as well as Style Basic principles requires the actual readers in the fundamental style concepts from the contemporary electronic pc to some top-level study of it's structures. This particular guide may function possibly like a book for an opening program upon computing devices or even since the fundamental textual content for that aspiring nerd who would like to find out about electronic style.
    The actual materials is actually offered within 4 components. The very first component explains exactly how computer systems signify as well as change amounts. The 2nd component provides the various tools utilized whatsoever amounts of binary style. The 3rd component presents the actual readers in order to pc program concept along with subjects for example storage, caches, hard disk drives, pipelining, as well as stops. The final component is applicable these types of hypotheses with an intro towards the Intel 80x86 structures as well as set up vocabulary.
    The actual materials is actually offered utilizing useful conditions as well as good examples by having an goal towards supplying anybody that works together with personal computers a chance to rely on them better via a much better knowledge of their own style.

    About the Authors


    Read and Download Links :  Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals 
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    Saturday, March 19, 2016

    Data Mining and Analysis

    Data Mining and Analysis
    Title:  Data Mining and Analysis: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms
    Author(s) Mohammed J. Zaki, Wagner Meira, Jr.
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press (May 12, 2014)
    Hardcover 562 pages
    eBook PDF (607 pages, 9.9 MB)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0521766338
    ISBN-13: 978-0521766333

    Book Description :

    The essential algorithms within information exploration as well as evaluation type
    the foundation for that rising area associated with information technology, which include automated techniques to evaluate designs as well as versions with regard to a myriad of information, along with programs which range from medical breakthrough in order to company cleverness as well as analytics.This particular book with regard to older undergrad as well as move on information exploration programs supplies a wide however in-depth summary of information exploration, integscore associated ideas through device understanding as well as data. The primary areas of the actual guide consist of exploratory information evaluation, design exploration, clustering, as well as category. The actual guide sets the fundamental fundamentals of those duties as well as additionally handles cutting-edge subjects for example kernel techniques, high-dimensional information evaluation, as well as complicated equity graphs as well as systems. Using its thorough
    protection, algorithmic viewpoint, as well as prosperity associated with good examples, this particular guide provides strong assistance within information exploration with regard to college students, scientists, as well as professionals as well.

    About the Authors
     Mohammed J. Zaki is a Professor of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy, New York. 

    Wagner Meira Jr. is a Professor of Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    Read and Download Links:
                                                 Direct Pdf Link (Free) :  Data Mining and Analysis

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    Discrete Mathematics (Jean Gallier)

    Discrete Mathematics (Jean Gallier)

    ·  Title: Discrete Mathematics
    ·  Author(s) Jean Gallier
    ·  Publisher: Springer; 2011 edition (January 25, 2011)
    ·  Hardcover/Paperback 477 pages
    ·  eBook PDF, PostScript, and other formats
    ·  Language: English
    ·  ASIN: 1441980466
    ·  ISBN-13: 978-1441980465

    Book Description :

    This particular guide provides a good intro in order to under the radar math with regard to starting undergraduates. Among unique options that come with this particular guide is actually it starts having a demonstration from the guidelines associated with reasoning because utilized in math. Numerous types of official as well as casual evidence receive.

    With this particular reasonable construction securely in position, the actual guide explains the actual main axioms associated with arranged concept as well as presents the actual organic amounts. All of those other guide is actually much more regular. This handles features as well as relationships, aimed as well as undirected equity graphs, as well as a good intro in order to combinatorics.

    There's a area upon open public crucial cryptography as well as RSA, along with total evidence associated with Fermat's small theorem and also the correctness from the RSA plan, in addition to specific algorithms to do modular math. The final section offers much more chart concept. Eulerian as well as Hamiltonian series tend to be talked about. After that, all of us research moves as well as stress as well as condition as well as show the actual maximum circulation min-cut theorem.

    All of us additionally talk about matchings, addressing, bipartite equity graphs.

    The actual guide is actually extremely highlighted as well as every section finishes along with a summary of difficulties associated with different trouble. Undergraduates within math as well as pc technology will discover this particular guide helpful.

    About the Authors
    ·  Jean Gallier is a Professor of Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania.

    Amazon Reviews :

    Free Read and Download Links:

    An Introduction to Computer Networks

    An Introduction to Computer Networks

    ·  Title An Introduction to Computer Networks
    ·  Author(s) Peter L. Dordal
    ·  Publisher: Loyola University Chicago (2015)
    ·  Hardcover/Paperback N/A
    ·  eBook HTML, PDF (621 pages, 4.6 MB), ePub
    ·  Language: English

    Book Description :

    The actual study associated with systems, such as pc systems, internet sites, as well as natural systems, offers obtained a massive quantity of curiosity within the last couple of years. The actual increase from the Web and also the broad accessibility to affordable computer systems possess managed to get feasible to collect as well as evaluate system information on the big size, and also the improvement associated with a number of brand new theoretical resources offers permitted all of us in order to draw out brand new understanding through many kinds associated with systems.

    The research associated with systems is actually extensively interdisciplinary as well as essential advancements possess happened in several areas, such as math, physics, pc as well as info sciences, the field of biology, and also the interpersonal sciences. This particular guide includes with regard to the very first time the most crucial discoveries within all these areas as well as provides all of them inside a coherent style, featuring the actual powerful interconnections in between function in various places.

    Topics protected range from the dimension as well as framework associated with systems in several limbs associated with technology, means of examining system information, such as techniques created within physics, data, as well as sociology, the basics associated with chart concept, pc algorithms, as well as spectral techniques, numerical types of systems, such as arbitrary chart versions as well as generative versions, as well as hypotheses associated with dynamical procedures happening upon systems.
    About the Authors
    • Peter Lars Dordal is an associate professor within the Department of Computer Science at Loyola University of Chicago
    Read and Download Links: